What is Reductive Massage?

Reductive Massage is performed with a high pressure and a faster speed than usual are a series of kneading whose main purpose is to seek help eliminate localized fat accumulation. Reductive Massage In work areas are more body fat, causing heat with special moves that help dissolve fat tissue and simultaneously stylize the figure contour achieving an aesthetic silhouette.

This treatment is ideal for getting rid of unwanted localized fat.

Firming Massage.

Firming Massage is one that favors the tone of skin tissue and muscle. It is recommended for people who have lost weight or those who have undergone treatment to reduce, usually after reducing measures skin is flaccid and toneless, the Firming Massage helps the skin to become tense again .

The Reductive and Firming Massage should always go hand in hand in order to appreciate a better result.

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