Sports Massage.

It’s the kind of massage that is performed in order to prepare the muscles for any sport, is applied before, during ssage Jaco Costa Ricaor after sporting activity. Before, in order to prevent or avoid future injuries and preparing the muscles around the organism for heavy exercise safely. In order to remedy the anomalies that occur during sports that are muscular type. And, at the end of the sport is performed so draining massage to help drain the fluid in the tissues.

A very important thing to mention is that this massage is contraindicated in people with atherosclerosis, febrile processes, inflammation of the organs, severe conditions of respiratory, urinary and digestive diseases and artitris infeciosas.


  •  Warm muscles athlete: Massage warm up to the competition.
  • Download and helps muscles recover easily: Recovery Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and venous return.
  •  Increases circulation of muscles. The oxygenated and relaxes before competing.
  •  rub and cleanse the skin.
  • have stimulant effects, revitalizing and energy to the muscle.
  • Relax ◦ psychologically, distention and promotes emotional release prior to the competition.
  •  is analgesic when pain arises after injuries or bruises.
  •  Prepare muscles for the previous activity.
  •  Improved Athlete performance.

“This massage can also be applied to people whether or not practicing sports, as long as this is not contraindicated.”


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